We get snow and see ‘Cape Cod’ in Germany’s Black Forest!


I was hoping for snow, having never experienced much of it growing up and living in Cape Town. And, I got masses of it during my recent visit to Duravit in Germany. Incredible – and well worth putting up with the freezing temperatures!

Bespoke Bathrooms was part of a group of South Africans invited to Duravit Design Days 2015 at the firm’s headquarters in the small village of Hornberg in the Black Forest region.

Duravit launches its new collection during Design Days and invites a select group of designers, retailers and press to view and give feedback on its upcoming line.


This year Duravit partnered with designer Philippe Starck in the creation of the Cape Cod range which we particularly liked as we feel it will work well in the South African context.


Keep a watch on our blog over the next few weeks as we bring you more from Germany.

Thank you Duravit and HansgroheSA for taking such great care of us!