Thank you and best wishes for 2015

As we wind down the year we would like to say thank you to our clients for working with us to create beautiful bathrooms and to our blog readers and colleagues in the design industry for our 8th successful year.

My family and I are so excited to be spending the holidays in Thailand where I hope to photograph some exotic outdoor showers to inspire us here in South Africa. We fly through Singapore’s Changi Airport where I will be checking into the high-tech cloakroom facilities I’ve read so much about – watch this space!

We wish you all the best for 2015 and leave you with some inspiring bathroom joinery ideas from Italian furnishings manufacturer Ideagroup.

Lisa and the Bespoke Bathrooms team.


This first set of images is from IdeaGroup’s NYÙ range. With a timeless, elegant and sleek style, this collection is characterized by streamlined details, good-looking materials and craftsmanlike finishes that please the eye and the touch.

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The second set of images (below) we found inspiring is from IdeaGroup’s CUBIK range which speaks the fundamental language of architecture, naturally inserting itself in any environment, harmonising with the most diverse lifestyles, and accenting highly original design solutions.