Transform a wall into a fresco

Tuscan bathroom designer and manufacturer antoniolupi has developed a method of transferring large scale images onto virtually any wall surface, giving the effect of a fresco. And we love it!


The company’s first Affreschi collection comes in three designs – Flower, Strip and Tomorrow – each in a variety of colours. Inspired by the Michelangelo’s David, each design is a complex layering of stripes, weaves, damask fabrics, brocades, Victorian decorative pattern, details from Renaissance art, numerals and typography.


On display in the antoniolupi showroom in Tuscany, Italy.

Antoniolupi, in collaboration with designer Pietro Gaeta, refined the technique whereby an image is printed onto special transfer paper. The paper is then applied to the wall with a primer which allows the printed pigments to seep into the wall surface. Rough cement, scratched plaster, unrefined walls, plaster board and surfaces with visible bricks are all suitable.

Materials are water-based, making the application simple, quick and odour-free.

Photos: antoniolupi