Spanish bowl a beauty


Jewellery is the inspiration for Bowl, the new range just launched by Inbani, the Spanish bathroom manufacturer which has been making headlines since it was founded in 2004.

Bowl talks about beauty and preciousness in every little detail and mixes white ceramic with copper and marble details. The collection is inspired by the harmony and contrast between forms, volumes, spaces and materials. The collection is large and varied allowing for numerous unique combinations.

bowl_6-675x900 bowl_7-675x900

bowl_9-636x900 bowl_8-675x900

“The range has sculptural presence and a functional existence,” says Inbani.

Cage-like storage compartments made from copper or powder-coated metal are incorporated into a series of freestanding and wall-mounted wash basins and tables, while copper frames add definition and additional functionality to the wall-mounted and freestanding mirrors.

The glossy copper element is a point of convergence between the tones of gold used in jewellery and a look to the past where copper piping was part of the visual appearance of the bathroom.

bowl_1-675x900 bowl_3-675x900

bowl_4-675x900 bowl_2-675x900

Photos: Inbani