Spa-showering by Dornbracht


While experiential showers have been around for a while, the latest offering by Dornbracht, which will be available in early 2014, takes things to a new level.

The new ‘Sensory Sky’ is a ceiling mounted shower panel linked to a set of precision controls which allows the user to create a customised, spa-like experience. Whether you want a light drizzle, a warm sprinkle or a relaxing rain-curtain – you choose! Different fragrances, spray heads, nozzles and lights can all be adjusted and set independently.

Users can programme their own settings or choose from three options: one that projects coloured lights on the rain curtain, another that combines fog and cool water with the smell of herbs and berries, and a third designed to evoke a summer storm by combining cold and warm water with a tropical fragrance.

The shower is set to cost in the region of R 335 000 – let us know if the experience is worth it!