Mirrors are everywhere!

A feature on mirrors in this month’s VISI, one of our favourite home decor magazines, inspired us to show readers of this blog an Italian range we like for the bathroom.

VISI writes that: “Mirrors are everywhere. Used as decor accents, or to clad an entire wall or an exceptional item of furniture, they create ambience and reflect life.”

In a bathroom mirrors can be used to reflect light, adding depth to a small space. A mirror opposite or close to a window will help maximise the sunlight too.


Luxor by Antonio Lupi is a collection of beveled mirrors with a glass trim which is available either in silvered glass or in range of colours: fume, bronze, rose, blue and aquamarine.

The styling of the range mirrors is reminiscent of 1930s Art Deco which was inspired by motifs of ancient Egypt fuelled by the discovery – near the town of Luxor – of the famous Tutankhamun tomb.

Antonio Lupi Design is an Italian bathroom company based in Tuscany which started out fifty years ago producing exclusively bathroom accessories and mirrors. The current Luxor range is a re-working of those first mirrors.

“For some time I’ve wanted to update my father’s mirrors, the ones he produced with his original company,” explains director Andrea Lupi who approached Roberto Lazzeroni to develop the new designs.




Image credits: Antonio Lupi