A clever way of saving water

Bespoke Bathrooms’ designers are very conscious about the importance of reducing the amount of precious water which is often wasted in bathrooms – especially in the context of Southern Africa where drought can be a problem.

While researching water saving products for a recent project, we came across a range of urinals which need no water at all.


The new generation of the Duravit Architec Dry urinal range does not need flushing thanks to a clever hose membrane, fitted into the outlet. The membrane only opens when urine passes through it. Then it closes again, keeping unpleasant smells at bay.

The outlet on the Architec Dry also has a cover with a gel ring on the underside. This gel contains oils which continuously release a fresh fragrance into the room.

By the time the special membrane needs replacement, the urinal will have saved a good 20,000 litres of drinking water. Maintenance is easy – simply use the key supplied to remove the hose membrane from its holder and fit the new module.

Would you ever consider installing one at home?


[1] Plastic valve cover
[2] Perfumed ring with cleansing gel
[3] Liquid run
[4] Opened membrane
[5] Closed membrane

Images credit: Duravit