Kartell Laufen innovation

Kartell by Laufen is a complete integrated bathroom range that brings together Italian furniture company Kartell with its experience in the use of plastic, and Swiss bathroom specialist Laufen with its expertise in the production of ceramic bathrooms. Earlier this month we covered the London launch of the range. This week we’d like to show you more images of elements of the range which caught our attention.

06_Kartell by Laufen ambience

This small square washbasin has a special hidden outlet and sits above a 2-drawer vanity unit with space saving siphon. Extra storage is provided by a versatile plastic cabinet – the Sound-Rack – in a stack of three. The basin is made from SaphirKeramik, a composite material with high hardness and bending strength properties which allow a radius of curvature for corners of up to 1-2 millimetres. With conventional ceramic, the tightest possible radius is 7-8 millimetres. The fixed spout with pop-up waste comes with three removable polycarbonate discs – transparent, orange and smoke grey.

12_Kartell by Laufen ambienceSoundRack

A number of basin designs are available to suit different spaces, see above left for a slightly larger basin. The stackable racks, above right, are available in five colors and make a great room divider.

For those after a classic black and white setting, the sleek clear polycarbonate accessories against a dark background make for a dramatic look.

23_Kartell by Laufen ambience