Illumination by mirror

Natural light is often at a premium in bathrooms, which is why bathroom lighting ideas are especially key if you are remodeling an existing bathroom or installing a brand-new one.

Good planning of all electrical work in the initial phases of a project, by a qualified designer, is very important for safety considerations. Bathrooms are divided into different zones depending on their proximity to water and can only be fitted with an appropriate IP-rated electrical fixture.

A good alternative to wall mounted lights is a mirror with integrated lighting. This will provide illumination around the basin and take up less space than a mirror with separate lights. Below is a custom made example from one of our bathrooms.

Custom made mirror designed by Bespke Bathrooms, installed at House Lundgren.
Custom illuminated mirror designed by Bespoke Bathrooms, installed at House Lundgren.

Bathrooms require lighting solutions that are similar to kitchens – focused light for work areas such as basins and vanity units and ambient or mood lighting for surrounding areas.

Areas such as basins require light to be projected from the wall towards the individual, lighting the face, rather than recessed spotlights which can cast a shadow over the basin when in use.  The light should be bright enough to enable you to put on make-up or shave. The best lighting is created in layers thus the traditional overhead downlight  illuminates the basin and a back lit mirror provides good task lighting.

Some illuminated mirrors are designed to give both strong task lighting and also have a calming back light for creating a softer ambiance. We like these by Italian manufacturer Antonio Lupi which do both:

Sfoglia Lupi

spio lupi

A recent addition to the Antoni Lupi range of mirrors are two styles which incorporate inspirational text for those of us who need daily positive reinforcement! Vanesio on the left and Talk on the right both have polished steel frames with a polished edge mirror.

vanesio94 you are

Another lovely range of illuminated mirrors, available in South Africa from Bespoke Bathrooms, are made in the United Kingdom by Astro Lighting. From left – Flair, Galaxy and Fuji mirrors.

xflair1 xgalaxy1 fuji