Showering outside

Here at Bespoke Bathrooms we have decided to ignore the inclement Cape weather and are looking forward to the summer and a different kind of shower.  We are imaging the pleasure and fun of showering under a sunlit sky, a soft breeze on our face.

A Bespoke Bathrooms designed outdoor shower at House De Villiers in Franschhoek.

At its most basic, an outdoor shower is just a nozzle attached to an outdoor tap, with all the attendant glamour. No plumbing is required beyond basic drainage into a gutter and some sort of privacy. A hot shower is more appealing, and requires a bit more planning. The best place to install one is on a kitchen or bathroom outer wall – that way existing pipes can simply be run outside. A stand-alone shower away from the house gets more complicated – and more costly. You need a trench for the water pipes, drainage, pumps and pipe lagging for cold weather.

A number of outdoor shower units are available in South Africa through Bespoke Bathrooms. Get ready for the summer now and enjoy the pictures that follow to inspire a new project.

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Photo credits: Bespoke Bathrooms; Art Gray; Marie-Pierre Morel; Jersey City Architects; David Rolston Architects.