2014: More trends to watch

In the second part of our look at bathroom trends for the coming year, this week we conclude with choice of materials, storage and eco-friendly technology.


Choosing the right materials is integral to making a bathroom function efficiently. The latest look is to mix a number of materials such as high-tech composite worktops, tactile timber finishes for storage, decadent marble for the shower and cool to the touch concrete for flooring.



Smart storage is an integral part of any bathroom. The trend this year is to use both natural and manufactured materials. On the one hand stylish drawer inserts made of solid wood with discreet compartments for toiletries. On the other, the glossy transparency of the latest generation of polycarbonate in the form of sleek shelving units which can be combined with any ceramics and customised. See our post on Kartell by Laufen for some fine examples.



With technology becoming smarter and a more conscious effort towards ‘greening’ the home, we are seeing a large increase in eco-friendly products being used in the bathroom. Energy saving bathroom lighting, smart heaters, low flow shower heads, dual flush toilets and water saving faucets are all wonderful ways to go green. Using recycled glass countertops and tiles can look absolutely beautiful in the bathroom. In Italy, manufacturer Trend is making mosaics (pictured above) using up to 78{751e4452eb2cf84c4144c86bcd86c0ccd7dbeb2135ab5d102fe41ace3f047255} of materials derived from post-consumer recycled glass.