Fancy a wash in the jungle?

The online Oxford English Dictionary defines the adjective ‘astonishing’ as having any of the following meanings:

1. Stunning, benumbing, paralysing

2. Stupefying, confounding, bewildering

3. Filling with wonder, surprising, wonderful

Images of a quite astonishing bathroom collection landed in our inbox this week. Which of the above definitions would you apply to Jungle Wash by French interior designer José Levy?


Cut from rough blocks of emerald-green Guatemalan marble, where only the functional parts are polished, Levy has created an offbeat bathroom collection that, he says, is “a bit like washing in nature after a tropical rainfall”.

Shelving, a sink, a tap, a mirror, a foldaway stool and a toothbrush: a wild and offbeat shower; an oasis of freshness in the Amazon jungle. The collection manufactured by Italian marble specialist company UP Group.