Bespoke Bathroom’s tips on keeping warm in winter … part 2

As temperatures continue to drop here in Cape Town and we make our way into winter in the Southern hemisphere, Bespoke Bathrooms presents the second part of our top tips on how to make your bathroom a warmer space.

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7. Bring in natural light
Installing a skylight in the bathroom will let sunlight in which will naturally keep your bathroom warm. Windows, skylights and a clear glass shower surround make the most of natural light. A good example of of all of these is shown above in a Bespoke Bathrooms designed space in a family home in Wynberg, Cape Town.

8. Check your windows
Cold air coming in through a window (and warm air going out) is a major cause of cold bathrooms. Move your hands around the closed window frame to feel where cold air may be coming in. Use self-adhesive foam stripping to seal any gaps. This will keep your bathroom warm and help save on energy bills.

9. Change your shower head
By installing a shower head that delivers less water per minute you can have longer showers to warm you up and still save money on your water and power bills. There is a wide choice of water saving shower heads in different styles to suit your bathroom and most will simply screw onto the existing shower arm. That longer shower will make the bathroom much warmer when you step out to finish your morning routine.


10. Install a heated towel rail
A heated towel rack will warm your towels while you shower and perform double duty as highly energy-efficient room heater. The heated rail pictured above features in the bathroom space we designed for a guesthouse in Greenpoint, Cape Town.


11. Install a heater
Today’s sleek and efficient wall mounted electric heaters are a far cry from the unstable and sometimes dangerous space heaters of old. A variety of models are available on the market capable of delivering heat when you need it. Some models can be painted to match your wall colour. A recent Italian innovation, available from Bespoke Bathrooms, are the elegant glass radiators by Thermoglance as pictured above.


12. Incorporate antiques
The well-worn patina of an vintage item of wood furniture can add warmth and personality to a bathroom – such as the riempie chair above in a Bespoke Bathrooms’ designed space in Franschhoek.

Images: Bespoke Bathrooms, Thermoglance