Bathroom trends 2016: Colours from runway and tiling is mixed media

Trend forecasters are predicting an interesting year for bathroom design noting a strong influence on the colour palette coming from European fashion runway shows.  On the bathroom tiling side, two distinct trends are emerging – high shine and combinations of different media.

Mar 9 - Nature

Colour trend 1 – Nature’s colour palette

This colour trend is a combination of tropical hues and pastels. A contemporary take on a feminine classic where pastel shades are mixed with nature’s luxe elements.  The space pictured above is a recent Bespoke Bathrooms project in Cape Town. Hues to consider include Tropical Green, Biscay Green, Elm Green, Blush Pinks, Baby Blue, Fairy Floss, Orangeade, Orange peppers, blacks, Celadon and Pewter.

Mar 9 - Block

Colour trend  2 – Block colour

Punched-up hues and vivid clashing tones, colour blocking is back in a big way for bathrooms in 2016. Bespoke Bathrooms had a lot of fun designing the guest WC pictured above, another recent project in Cape Town. Yves Saint Laurent did it in the 1960s and Fendi and Chanel are doing it now. Why stop at one shade? Colours to consider include Jet Black, Lipstick Red, Canary Yellow, Emeralds, Fuchsia, Blush Pink, Electric Blue, Cerulean, Whites.

Mar 9 - CArnival

Colour trend 3 – Carnival colour

Carnival colour stripes in a Bespoke Bathrooms designed shower. The Olympic Games take place this year in Rio De Janeiro and the city’s famous carnival is set to influence colour trends for this year and the next. The trend is bright, vivid and thrifty and encompasses the traditional Rio style of re-purposing. Recycled timber isn’t enough though, this trend goes further by featuring fixtures made from re-purposed plastic, recycled objects such as skateboards and blends it with hyper coloured and densely patterned fabrics. Colours to play with include natural rustic timbers, fuchsias, tropical greens, aqua, sandstone and canary yellows.

Mar 9 - Covet tile gold

Tile trend 4 – High shine

Causing a stir in 2016 is wet look metallic tile hat will shimmer and catch the light. Alternatively, for added luxury, use a muted metallic tile with shimmering or gold grout. Get inspired by Nina Ricci, Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta and Louis Vuitton’s 2016 ranges.

Mar 9 - mixed media

Tile trend 5 – Mixed media combinations

A patchwork style inlay, otherwise known as transitional flooring, continues as a trend. Flooring should not be limited to just one media or material, now it’s all about combining two or more formats and materials together. Define the zones of your bathroom and create an optical illusion with the combination of timber floorboards fused with marble or porcelain tiles.

Image credits: 1-3 Bespoke Bathrooms; 4 Pinterest Covet Lounge; 5 Pintrest Aragon Properties