Bathroom basin with attitude


The brief from bathroom manufacturer Scarabeo to design consultancy EMO was to come up with a functional but aesthetic basin that could adapt to many environments.

“The Fuji collection was designed with that aim and it is characterised by soft and essential lines that evolve from the basin to all its complements,” says Lukasz Bertoli the industrial designer who headed the project.


It really is all about the basin. The console and the mirrors are fantastic too but it’s the basin which sets the collection apart. Its distinctive detail being the circular ceramic plate that covers the waste.

“The design language interprets the continuous flowing of water through convex lines that evolve into soft surfaces, giving the pleasant feeling of ceramic naturalness,” continues Bertoli.


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The collection will be a highlight of the Scarabeo stand at the upcoming CERSAIE – the annual international exhibition of ceramic tiles and bathroom furnishings, being held between 22-26 September in Bologna, Italy.

Photos: Scarabeo Ceramica