This home in Pinelands overlooking the golf course had two bathrooms which needed to be updated. House Du Plooy’s main en-suite loft bathroom was tricky as it is quite a small space with a timber floor. The boy’s bathroom originally included a bath which we removed as the boys are grown up now and now prefer to shower.

We sourced floor tiles which would flow well with the existing Oregon flooring in the bedroom and passage, and combined these with the more traditional metro or subway tiles. We thus chose the Berkeley tile in different colourways for each bathroom. This tile is inspired by the prestige of London’s Berkeley Square and offers a great design twist by combing traditional Victorian design with contemporary colours in charcoal and slate blue.

In the boy’s bathroom we included a simple large porcelain basin with lots of storage and a large mirror with integrated LED lights on the side.

In the main en-suite bathroom we added a custom double basin vanity unit, again combining a contemporary and traditional style by working with taps from Crestial and underslung basins from DuravitHouse Du Plooy.