Bathroom inspiration from Ikea

Ikea does it again with great ideas on bathroom styling which are reflected in some our projects below. Even though we are not in Europe it is possible to draw inspiration and ideas from this global bathroom trend source.

Towels, soap dispensers and small products add the final layer to a bathroom interior and these accessories are one of our passions.

Ikea Bespoke Bath 1

Bespokebathrooms greenpoint

Ikea Bespoke 2

Alistoun Bespoke

Ikea Bespoke 3

De Villiers Bespoke Bathrooms

Feel free to contact us for any advice needed but we particularly like products available in Cape Town from:

Rain at the Waterfront has beautiful cosmetics made locally.

Kartell has a never ending range of amazing products.

Authentics bathroom accessories available from Bespoke Bathrooms.

Images: 1,3,5 – IKEA; 2,4,6 – Bespoke Bathrooms