Trendsetters for 2019

The Trend: Terrazzo

  • a8b2a54587eb81e3d9a1fdd738a8bdc0 Once all the rage in the ‘70s, terrazzo is now making a major comeback
  •  Cheap flooring option made from a medley of other materials, an updated version of terrazzo is now showing up on modern floors, furniture, home accessories
Terrazzo used in shower
Terrazzo used in shower with matt black shower head and mixer


The Trend: Herringbone

A pattern that’s derived from its resemblance to the bones


This old school design element can be used in a unique modern manner in living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms or even bathrooms. As a wall finish, floor finish, kitchen or bathroom splash back, furniture design or even on doors. 

The Trend: Plants

There’s nothing like an indoor tree in a room. It immediately brings the outside in, making the room feel fresh and more alive

1*WFuNMPtcJ3gsamX4NlFZ9wgreat job filling awkward, empty spaces.

enhance your home’s unique look and make it feel healthier and more connected with nature